India’s $35 Android tablet, the Aakash, lands in America

We are now well past the birth of the Tablet - and even with its popularity the iPad will not be the device for the masses. The Aakash android tablet, at least in India, seems to fit the bill and I must admit that I was blown away by the retail price of $60. This is wonderful to see - in less than two years we have gone from the $600 iPad to a $60 Aakash. I am already calling friends in India to secure one for myself.

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The Indian government thinks the $35 Aakash Android tablet has the power to change the world. After testing one out, we’d tend to agree.

The 7-inch Android-based device will be distributed at a government subsidized price of $35, making it the world’s cheapest Android device. The general retail price will be $60, which is still remarkably cheap for such a powerful device
Jugaad is an Indian word which means “to make-do.” The Aakash tablet is a Jugaad in a very high tech way
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