News outlets look to tablet computer users for revenue

There is no question that the tablet has changed our media consumption habits - become a primary gateway to all things “Web” - including news. For news organizations the cost of producing mobile apps across popular platforms is expensive (time & resources) and their return on investment is unpredictable. Unfortunately, news organizations have no choice, they need to have their products available to mobile users, while trying to find better ways to attract new subscribers.
One recommendation I have for the News orgs is to focus on their mobile websites - an often overlooked component of a web strategy - it is an easy fix which could help your organization attract new mobile customers and who you can eventually up-sell to premium products/services, including apps.

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The majority of tablet enthusiasts say they don’t want to pay to get access to news and other information, according to research by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.
Just 14% of tablet news users have paid directly for news content on the devices. But via a subscription to a print newspaper or magazine, 23% more have obtained digital news access. That roughly one-third who have paid directly for content is a much higher figure than suggested by previous research.
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